Rosa is a Finnish circus artist specialised in foot juggling and physical theatre. Rosa has worked with many different circus companies all around world including NoFit State Circus, Cirque Galapiat, Palazzo and 15feet6. She has performed in many well known circus festivals like Melbourne’s International Arts Festival, Brighton Festival, Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque festival in Marseille and one of the biggest contemporary circus festival Circa in Auch, France. Rosa is one of the founding members of a Finnish contemporary circus company called Sirkum Polaris and has been part of creating their two full length shows “Kulovalkea” and “Elixir”. She is in creation of her very first own solo show called “Risto”.

The first steps in a circus world Rosa took at the age of 5 in a local youth circus called Sorin Sirkus in Tampere Finland where she spend her whole childhood and adolescence. After the graduation from an arts oriented upper secondary school Rosa followed her passion for acting and performing and left for a one year preparation school for acting in Finland. In 2014 Rosa got chosen to study in renowned arts university called École Superieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels. In ESAC Rosa found her personal style to manipulate foot juggling objects and the way to combine her technical knowledge to her strong theatrical expression. She graduated in spring 2017.